Long time, no see!

It has been a busy time here with dogs and horses. Good to be back blogging! Lots of new topics in the pipe line! Need to learn how to put in pictures in my blog though. Aplogies for not having any pics here. I will upload the pictures which were meant to be in the blog to my FaceBook-site. Please follow me there and you will see them all – Go direct to pictures here: 

The puppy training DVD – “The Complete Guide to Puppy Training and Home Care” is selling well. I am very happy about all the positive responses I have had from people using it. It is apparently one of the best sellers on Amazon I have been told! Such fantastic news!

Since I blogged about tracking the 14th of September last year a lot of things have happened here. My old Miniature Schnauzer dog Simon who had his 13th birthday in January unfortunately was put to sleep the 13th of March. It is an ache that is so hard to go through. I often get questions about this subject – when is the right time, I feel so bad having to take this decision, what is my responsibility? I will spend some time around this subject to share my thoughts around it in a blog soon. One thing is for sure; it is not an easy decision.

Last year in September new puppies arrived here at FunFlash. I have kept two at home, one boy and one girl. They are beautiful little characters. So keen to learn and investigate. Precious times!

I have also been to a fantastic convention in New York, USA about Clicker training and I will share some of my experience from that with you. Kay Laurence whom I have my clicker education from is still one of the absolute best in the world at what she is doing. Her seminars are extremely inspiring. Ken Ramirez is a fantastic scientist and trainer and is such an inspiration to learn from. I met some really interesting people and I came back with a lot of new inspiration!

I have been to really interesting seminars about dog health and genetics as well. It is always so interesting to keep learning about what the latest research are.

A new dog has come to my household, a Schnauzer or Standard Schnauzer as they used to be called. He is a beautiful black male born in Sweden at Zantanas Schnauzers. Breeders and owners are Mona and Lars-Erik Uddenholm. I am training with him and I intend to do obedience and tracking with him as well as showing him. He arrived in the end of March and he has already been to three shows here in England and he has already become qualified to Crufts. It is social, fun showing the dogs who love the attention and the day out! It is a good way of keeping up with what different breeders around the country have and what the breed is like at the moment, both temperament wise and conformation wise.

Really exciting news for with ewa is our new hire – Louise Godwin. She will be working with our breeder representatives, i.e. the ones who reselling the Puppy DVD to their new owners. I am so pleased to have her onboard because the work load is getting bigger. She is a really good agility handler, she has competed for GBs junior team! She also comes from a background filled with dogs having parents who breed boxers to Championship level under the affix Sultash. Louise was my assistant when I made the Puppy DVD and it is just lovely having her back in the company!

We are also doing a lot of work at our farm so that it can be used better for dogs. I have just secured several acres for dog training and we have lessened the amount of horses that used to live in our little yard. It doesn’t go overly well together having horses who tramples up the fields together with trying to use the fields for dog training. I still have my Welsh Cob and I have bought a little friend to him – a Miniature Shetland. Not much bigger than a big dog! He is hilarious. So much fun to train with!

I have several topics on the go for coming blogs. But please let me know if it is something special you want me to write about.

Catch up soon! x