One day my neighbour Chris Sainty (owner Clear Island Communications) and myself started talking about filming my dog training. For me, being a happy dog trainer, I thought it was a great idea to have the chance to spread positive training methods based on learning psychology to the whole world and not just my own clients. Many people have asked me over the years, if I have something that they can take home to consolidate their learning. I have thought about books but never had the time to do it. When this opportunity came up I was all for it.

What I didn’t know then was how much goes in to getting the content to flow and how much time and effort it takes to try and explain exactly what I want the viewer to see in only one take. When I run my courses, I can always look at the person in front of me, have they understood? Are they happy with why we are doing things a certain way? Is it working for them? They all have the opportunities to ask and “give and take” is always present. Fortunately I had Jon (Collins) producer at Clear Island Communications on call 24/7 to help to structure my material, so that it became possible to film. We collaborated really well and I could discuss ideas with him on how to present things. He never seemed to get fed up. At least he never showed me.


Now, when filming, I have to try and be specific enough, yet not boring so that the people watching will feel inspired to try themselves. I am very proud of the outcome and I hope you will benefit from the hard work that went in to it.

I am certain that everybody who watches this DVD and does the exercises in Foundation for Collaboration to Tasks, Stimulation and Care will get a pleasant, happy, well functioning dog who is full of confidence and knows so well how to collaborate with its’ owner. Even if you do not do everything, I hope I have managed to inspire you to enjoy training and see it as a life long bond building which is enormously rewarding.

With the time and effort that has gone in to this DVD – “A complete guide to Puppy Training and home care – With Ewa” I hope many, many people will benefit from the experiences and training I have gained over the years. I hope you all will enjoy it.